Distant mountains

Dear reader,

I was wondering if it would be possible to display a normal texture as “distant landscape” instead of sculpting it by yourself. It would not make any difference, because the distance would be too far away to notice the difference in angle, and it would spare me a whole lot of time. My question is: Is this possible, and how?

It would really help me out and improve the look of my game

Thanks in advance

It is possible :slight_smile:

  1. you need a picture of some mountains that you can use -> either take one from the internet, make one by yourself, render it from a 3d program (create a high poly mountain and render a picture of it)
  2. you need a plane + uv map it
  3. place them into the level -> best would be when you also add a little bit exponential height fog or particle systems
  4. you will probably have to do some small changes to the plane -> e.g that it’s a little bit bent,… But it depends on how it will look like in the level

You can see something similar in the “sun temple” demo which you can find on the marketplace (the cliffs outside of the level)

Thanks! it helps out for sure