DistanceFieldAO doesn't work with Oculus DK2?

I was finding that DistanceField Ambient Occlusion wasn’t working with my Oculus DK2 project in 4.5.1. To test this, I created a simple scene with just a sphere a plane. I turned on Distance field AO in Project Settings, and added movable sky light, and sphere, restarted to generate the distance field AO etc…

When launch the project it is working fine in regular mode, but as soon as I hit alt+enter or toggle on “stereo on” to mirror the display for the DK2, the DistanceFieldAO goes away. “stereo off” and the DistanceFieldAO comes back. ShowFlag.DistanceFieldAO doesn’t help me turn it back on again in stereo…

Is this a known issue or limitation?
Is there anything I can do special to get Distance Field AO to work with DK2?

I’m on Windows8, DX11, GtX970

DistanceField Shadows seem to work just fine in stereo, just not AO

Sorry, DFAO has not been made to support splitscreen yet. I don’t know when we’ll be able to get to it. VR tends to require very high framerates and resolutions and DFAO is very heavy at high resolutions.

I’ll bet my multi-card setup can support it for the small project I’m doing… Supporting must not be as simple as enabling it? If it were, would it be possible to rebuild to enable it somehow? I’m just doing a small scale project that needs to be fully dynamic.