DistanceField Indirect Shadows

Hi all,
I did some tests on this and I wonder why indirect shadows come with a direction?
The scene is lit by only one static skylight with a pure white cubemap.
I can’t figure out what is causing this directionnal indirect shadow.
Any idea?

IIRC the direction was based off of the old Sparse Volume Samples, but I assume it’s been updated to use the new Volumetric Lightmap samples as well. Could you show your density and the placement of them? It’s possible the closest sample is being used, so it thinks that’s the direction of the light source

Hmm… In this case, light is supposed to come uniformly from all sides, right?
Here a screen of volumetric samples.

I think it will always have a direction, although you may be able to find a way to shorten the length of that direction.

What I try to understand is where does this direction come from, since it dosen’t come from the cubemap texture?!

If you use a cubemap with a clear orientation, the direction is obviously from the cubemap.
But if you use a pure white cubemap, it seems to generate some sort of default direction.

Totally agree with you.
Here, I use a pure white cubemap and it generates a direction. Strange…