Distance Tool

Does anyone know if Unreal Engine 4 has a distance tool, similar to the one found in Autodesk Maya? Also, if there is one, does it measure in scales of feet, meters, miles or kilometers? Thanks in advance!

If you hold middle mouse button and drag in orthographic views it starts to measure from one point to the next in Unreal units. Other than that there isnt any measuring tools but you can make one with blueprints i believe.


Great! Thanks Jacky.

wow simple solution…thanks man

This does not work for me. I have changed the camera view to Left, and pressed middle mouse button. Nothing happens. Is this still available in 2016?

It is. If you have grid snap enabled at high values you wont see it until you drag at least half the distance of snap distance.

also its measured in centimeters, be wary of that when setting values to do with movement as you usually find you need higher values than you would in other engines.

1 unreal unit = 1cm

Something might also help, is this guys pack on the marketplace:

No way, it doesn’t work. Could you please attack a small video? I am sure I have dragged more than one Unreal uints. Something is wrong - either I press wrong button or there is a small trick. BTW I am using Mac, if this matters.

Here it is on Windows:

Some thing is wrong here. The Units the meassure tool shows here are completly wrong.Why is that happening? I imported a Figure with 179 cm hight. When i meassure it its only 89 cm.
Why is this showing a wrong measurement?

Having the same issue as HolgerB. If I middle mouse over one meter; it measures 333 when it should be 100. My Measuring tool units is in Centimeters. No idea where to go, to go about fixing it to read the proper units when using the measuring tool.

In case you were still having the issue; we figured it out. I had made a separate post for it because this thread seemed old and asking a different thing initially.

Resolution here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/unre…correctly-4-19

i know this is an old thread , but the hold middle mouse button and drag does not show any measurement line. does this still work the same in 4.20? I am in wireframe view from top.

Using 4.20.3 and it seems to be working

I’m currently in 4.20.3 and its working. Do you have 4k monitors?

No , but I figured it out . my mouse mapping software was set to different than middle mouse click. thanks for reply.

No problem! Glad you figured it out!

Is this feature available in Unreal Engine 5.

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I’ve just used it on UE5 and it works. So yeah!