distance settings for mip map??

Is there a way to decide how far distance until a mip map of a texture is switched… for example my hair textures only look good with no mipmapping from like 5 feet away. I would prefer to keep it with the highest resolution for more farther distance… rather then using no mip mapping at all… mip mapping makes it look terrible as it is right now because it loads lower resolution versions to fast…

Try setting your texture sample in the material to "Mip Bias’ and then plug in a scalar param as the bias. Negative values will make it mip less. Start at 0 and slowly go negative and make sure to pull the camera around to see how it affects.

Also try changing the mip filtering options on the texture properties page. Can set to things like sharppen to sharpen7 and sometimes a combination of both is what helps. Sometimes the default mips are just a tad blurry looking once you factor in tempAA so you can over sharpen to compensate.

awesome thanks!