Distance from camera lowering quality of sprite paper2d

Hey guys,

I wanted to reach out and see if I can get some input as to why the camera distance causes my sprite to become super jaggy or unpolished ? Sprites are never stream and they’re brought in at a decent resolution.

The sprites look great up close but when viewed from the gameplay camera, they start to get really poopy in quality.


then you have what it looks like in game with the camera distance
(sorry for the link but the database for the forums pooped out when trying to attach/upload/link an image.)

I was wondering if anyone had any input as to how I can achieve the best quality with camera distance ?

I’m using an orthographic camera for now because perspective loses even more quality than orthographic. with perspective I was using a 720p ratio.

Orthographic settings are as follows:

Ortho width: 2286.746094
Ortho Near Clip plane: 0.0
Ortho Far Clip Plane 2097152.0

Constrain Aspect Ratio: true

Aspect Ratio 1.77777~

Post Process blend weight: 1.0

Thank you,
Alex Batista