Distance Fields Not Working Properly

Hello! Mesh distance fields are not generating properly for me in UE5. I am looking to use the mesh distance field for gpu powered niagara collisions. This works correctly in UE4 but not UE5. Stranger yet, I can generate some collisions in UE5 so long as the static mesh being hit by the niagara particles is not parallel with the ground. If I angle a static cube for example the niagara particles begin bouncing off of it but when it lies flat they pass through it.

Action I’ve taken so far: I’ve turned on “generate distance fields” in the static mesh properties, increased the global distance field and mesh distance field scaling resolution, made sure the generate distance field option was ticked in the project settings, evenly scaled all meshes involved, disabled moveable skybox, enabled and disabled lumen/nanite/virtual shadowmaps.

Any help with this would be appreciated! I hope I’m just missing something obvious here.


same issue…

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