Distance fields mesh problem

i have a problem with distant field meshes. let me explain.

i want to use the new ray traced shadows in my test scene.
this is my room walls mesh. very small room, very simple mesh. only 96 triangles.

i set the distance field resolution scale on max, 100 but the distance field mesh is unacceptable. holes everywhere. its unusable.
i scale it down to 30% of the original size but there’s absolutely no change.
this is how it looks like:

i tested the default lamp mesh. it has 2000+ triangles i scaled it way way up so its bigger than my room and yet it has a perfect distant field mesh

how does this work? how can i fix this?

Break up your mesh into multiple objects. The distance field generation doesn’t work well for this kinds of hollowed meshes. You are always better off using separate meshes for each wall, floor and ceiling instead of a one-room mesh.

breaking it up on down to separate wall meshes is not really an option, there would be problems with seams in corners and texturing it one by one would be a pain in the ***.

but ill try to make it more solid, double walls, closed mesh and will see…

You’d be far better off by just using separate meshes for the walls. Use pillars or some trimming to mask the seams.

I have same problem.
It is Limitations of Distance Field:

(Distance Field Ambient Occlusion in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation)