Distance Field Soft Shadow visual glitch

Hi everyone.

I recently went from 4.17 to 4.24 and quickly noticed a glitch when using DF soft shadows. The shadow can suddenly appear being cut one side, depending on the view angle. See screenshot. When moving camera, the glitch pops in and out.
the glitch appear in the penumbra region of the shadow, so if my light source angle gets bigger, or if I put the mesh higher up, the glitch becomes more and more visible.

The sceen comes from a very simple debug project I made for the occasion.
About the usual suspects
-no non-uniform scale
-multiplying DF resolution doesn’t fix the glitch

I’m using a single directional light with following parameters
mobility is set to movable
distance field shadow is activated
cascaded shadow map is deactivated (dynamic shadow distance MovableLight is set to 0)

the glitch is clearly visible right under the character, but also affect the two other shadows a tiny bit.

Thank you all.

Have you also used a dynamic skylight?

Yes, I’m using a dynamic skylight, with cast shadows UNchecked.
No DFAO involved there.

sorry I dont know if this can help, hope so:
Mesh Distance Fields Settings | Unreal Engine Documentation

Have you tried playing with the distance field trace distance ?