Distance Field Shadowing


im struggling with distance field shadowing for my foliage. I activated Generate Mesh Distance Fields in project settings and activated Generate Mesh Fields in my foliage mesh. I also applied it to my Light source and playing with the DistanceField Shadowing Distance doesnt seems to change anything.
My grass mesh is set to static.

Am i missing something obvious ?
I read in some threads that the DistanceFieldResolutionScale needs to be adjusted. Where can i find that ?

Thanks for your help guys!

I also tried to add Distance field AO which also does not work on my foliage.

I followed this one.

Someone has an idea ?

It needs to be checked within the Foliage Painter Tool itself, for every foliage asset you have in there.

I already did that. Does not change anything-

Are your dominant light and sky light set to movable?

Yes they are.