Distance field shadow for static and CSM for skinned mesh


I love Distance Field Shadow, it permits us to avoid using production intensive lightmaps pipeline. We get incridible performance out of it on Kepler and Maxwel’s GPUs. The only problems is that Distance Field Shadow isn’t working with skinned dynamic meshes. Since I’m working on a massive multiplayer game, the Inset Shadow is not a solution (too heavy on the GPU).

We’re not using any static lighting on our project. My shadow caster is a directional light. That light actually cast shadow on everythings that is not skinned, using distance field shadows.

I would like to find a way to enable CSM but that only skinned meshes are affected. Is there an easy way to achieve this? We have a huge number of asset already, so I hope that I don’t need to go in a way of managing and mass editing uassets…