Distance Field + Flow Maps + Depth Fade

So, After reading like 50 threads and trying to find all the tutorial information I can, I have come to the following shader for my water:

My issue is that I cant get the edges to animate at all. None of the flowmap stuff makes any sense to me. I have the following for the water shader:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One last thing. The cartoon edge has problems with refraction. Is there a method I can use to mask it out and make the edge render above all the rest?

What do you mean by animating the edges? Something like the foam here?

@GMI yes, that is exactly what I mean. I saw all the threads but none of them really show you. The math is all in peoples heads. The one thing I did find was the guy who linked the R and G Mask that would be used, but past that he didnt show how to get the actual flow map to show up. I want desperatly to get this last bit in.