Distance Field Features completely broken since upgrade to 4.8

Hey guys,

I am experiencing a super weird issue with 4.8. First of all…this is not happening on my machine at the office…I also downloaded 4.8 there and everything works exactly as expected.
However, I updated to 4.8 on my machine at home last week and started looking into the open world demo during the weekend. I noticed it looked different.
I later found out that for some weird reason, it seems the engine doesnt render any distance fields anymore. I t was working perfectly fine in 4.7.6
So yeah…I enabled “generate mesh distance fields” and opened the default map for the first time and it didnt show the pop up that the engine is actually generating one for the floor mesh.

This is what the viewport looks per default:

And this is how the viewport looks when I enable “visualize mesh distance fields” (hint…its just a bit brighter…but nothing else changes^^):

So DFAO on/off doesnt produce any difference. I have no clue why it looks like that and I even reinstalled the engine. And yeah…as I said, it works just fine at the office.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this and could maybe point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot and cheers!


Hi Daedalus -

This looks like Distance Fields are not enabled in the converted project. Check your Project’s Config DefaultEngine.ini for r.GenerateMeshDistanceFields should be set to true.

Sadly it is set to true but still not working :frowning: I have really no clue what could have caused this.

I started with 4.8 preview and everything was working. Then the launcher upgraded the preview to the real one when it became available. I thought maybe that caused some issues, deinstalled it and redownloaded the whole 4.8 build and its still there.
When I open up the Kite Demo, all the features are set to be enabled, but there is just nothing of it working.

I just switched back to 4.7 in the launcher and everything works there…so yeah…reached the end of my knowledge and ideas for now :frowning: Still…so weird that it works at the office. It should be the exact same build.


Check your Engine Scalability Settings and make sure that you are using EPIC.

Hahaha…oh boy, thats embarrasing! :smiley: That fixed it^^ I have no idea why the settings werent on epic :smiley:

Man thanks a lot! I almost feel a little bit stupid now…worked with the engine since 3 years but NEVER used the Engine Scalability Settings^^

Thanks again and have a good one! :slight_smile: