Distance Field Ao

I was creating a level with static mesh instances and noticed that Distance Field Shadows and AO wasn’t working! :C

I am assuming this was intended because it static mesh instances but wanted to verify. Also is there any plans to support instancing for these features?

Will it work with static mesh components that are generated in the construction script? I did a few test with mixed results and wanted to know.

Why does non-uniform scale cause issues with this method? Does this also mean Distance GI that in 4.8 won’t work for static mesh instances too?

P.S Sorry for the multiple submits… Hopefully they got deleted… Don’t know why it submitted so many times :confused: Thanks again for any help

Distance field methods work with instancing in the upcoming 4.7. For foliage you have to enable bAffectDistanceFieldLighting in the foliage instance settings, but for instanced meshes that you created through a blueprint it should just work.

The issue with non-uniform scaling is that the distance field stores euclidean distance in local space around the mesh. Euclidean distance is not maintained during the squishing of non-uniform scaling.

Anyway you can get away with a little bit of squishing - like a factor of 2. Try it out, it just makes AO and ray traced shadow penumbras lobsided.