Distance Field AO view distance problem

Hello there,

I have a landscape scene with many trees in the distance. However, the Distance Field AO is not being rendered after a certain distance, so all trees fruther back have no shadows as they’re lit by movable skylight only. It looks now as if they’re all flat and floating, I tried many CVars, yet it seems Distance Field AO simply stops working after a certain distance hard coded.

Does anyone have experience in making ambient shadows work in the very far distance of a scene ?

Is Far Shadow enabled on the meshes / material instances?

iirc DFAO uses the Global Distance Field, which can be controlled in the World Settings.

Thanks for the suggestions guys !

I’ve never seen that Distance Field AO has a setting there, so that got my hopes up :slight_smile: Sadly, it didn’t change anything really, which was a bummer.

However, I found another solution for ambient shadows in the very far distance:
I used regular screenspace AO, and set the fadeout distance to a really high amout. Afterwards, I set the actual radius, which is like 150 by default, to 1 or 2 and also put the MIPS to almost 0 as well. This way you still get very sharp AO and it draws shadows underneath every tree, bush, etc. It’s an unusual value to go so low with the radius, but in 50 km distance, the detault radius will just get so large that it’s basically gone - especially with the mips being triggered.
I still can’t make DFAO working in that distance, but at least the regular AO works really good now and nothing is hovering anymore.

Cheers !