Distance Field AO Problem

Hello everyone! I’m trying to get Distance Field AO working in a test level and am getting “moving blotches”. In the video below I’ve used solid color materials and changed the Occlusion Tint to white so that it is more visible for demonstration purposes. I don’t actually mind blotches but when combined with the constant flickering/moving it is unusable in my opinion. Am I doing something wrong or is this working as intended?

It can be a bit splotchy but that’s more than I would expect. Are any of the meshes non-uniformly scaled? Check in the visualize->MeshDistanceFields mode and make sure the distance fields match up with the actual meshes. In particular the oclcusion from the floor mesh appears to be wrong.

The DFAO settings are tweaked to error on the side of performant rather than quality, and with clean flat surfaces the artifacts are more prevalent. Sometimes with more detail it hides it a bit.

I hope to have a big improvement to the popping coming up by fading in new samples and fading out old ones. We’ll see if it really pans out.

Thanks for the reply Daniel, it looks like you’ve already made some improvements in 4.7 and it’s flickering less than 4.6 for me. I hope fading in/out between samples works out and I’m also excited to see the new GI features (bounce light etc.) when they are ready. Thanks for the hard work!