Distance Field Ambient Occlusion troubles

I have a new skylight in my scene, and it is set to Moveable. I have “generate mesh distance fields” turned on and have rebooted the editor. I can see the DFAO working in the “visualize distance field ambient occlusion” pass. I can not seem to get it to work in viewport or in game – every video I have watched has a noticeable difference when the user toggles “cast shadows” on their skylight. I can see the DFAO when I change the skylight’s Occlusion Tint to something closer to white, but as soon as I change it back to black it is as if the effect is not even on. Clicking the cast shadows checkbox on and off seems to have no effect when the shadow color is black. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!

Could you include a screenshot? The most basic test is to do ‘new level’ (the one with the single box floor), then duplicate that floor and make it intersect at an angle, then delete the directional light, add a skylight and change to Movable. You should see some AO at the intersection of the two meshes that goes away when you toggle ‘cast shadow’ on the skylight or the DFAO show flag.