Distance culling ?

In some engines there is an option to cull geometry (and entities/actors) at certain distance from the camera, and hide such culling method with fog (fog would start before culling boundary).

Is it possible with UE4 ? If so, how?


Each mesh has Cull Distance / Draw Distance properties in the default Details pane.
There’s also Cull Distance Volumes and billboard type effects if you do a search…

Thanks. Although I don’t think it’s go I need to cull terrain :confused:

Is there anything that can clip terrain (mesh) at certain distance and then cull clipped off portion?

No culling, but you can stream landscapes…
I had these bookmarked, they might be of interest.

Aye, thanks. I am just not sure streaming a landscape would work on mobile. I guess I could chunk up terrain mesh in 3D app and bring it into UE4 in pieces. Then each piece can have its own culling distance. Just not sure how it will look like in-game. Probably will have seams between chunks.

I see that you can set the distance culling values per instances. But what about setting the values at the parent object level via content browser.

It seems you need to track down every objects on every levels… that’s a pain… especially if you change the size of objects during the production.

Having the ability to override such values at the instance level is fine. But that the current workflow is backward.

@_rGB You could create a blueprint with default class of static mesh actor, then set its defaults to whatever you want (from within the blueprint). Then, place the blueprint actor anytime you need a static mesh actor with defaults (such as “never distance cull”).