Distance Between MotionControllers with VR Template

I will start off by saying I am very new to using Unreal and Blueprints. I am starting with the VR Template and trying to modify/adapt from there as I learn how this all works.

I am trying to use the distance between the two motion controllers within my game. I have tried two similar approaches both with the exact same results.

Approach One:
Inside the MotionControllerPawn Event Graph I attached another node to the Event Tick sequence that just uses the Get Distance To node with Left Controller as Target and Right Controller as Other Target.

Approach Two:
Inside the BP_MotionController I created a variable for the OtherHand. I then tried the same approach as above and used Itself as Target and OtherHand as Other Target.

Either way I get 0.0 as the distance between the two controllers when I output the results.

I figured it out. I guess the Motion Controller itself doesn’t have a location, or it was returning the location of itself relative to itself. Either way I changed the code to grab the world location of the hand mesh for each controller and now it works.