Dissolve material start where it was hit.

I saw this awesome tutorial Disintegrating Baddies: Dissolve Effects in UE4

but i’m wandering is it possible to make the dissolve effect start where the object was hit then begin to spread all over the mesh?

Thanks in advance for answering!

Use hit position at material and calculate distance to it and use that mask for control the effect.

do you know any tutorials or guide for doing that? i just started learning shaders xD
On the screenshot with sphere mask node, you should pass a coordinate of the hit event instead of 0 where caption says “center”. It’ll give you a mask…
But remember, this position will not move with an actor you making to disappear.
For simple way to bypass it, you should recalculate hit event coordinates to actors local coordinates. And in shader you have to convert World position to actors position buy subtracting them.
But still it’ll move with actor but not with bones or other animations. Making it work with animations is also doable in 4.13+. But this time you should search for Blueprint Drawing to Render Targets feature.

thanks a lot for this! will try this asap. At least I get it now how to recalculate for the coordinates! Thanks!