Dissolve Level Effect

Hi - I am trying to think of a way to do an effect that is essentially dissoving the entire level - so static meshes, buildings, NPC’s and any other actor BP’s I have visible at the time. I am guessing I might need to do this with a material function and another object overlapping everything and triggering it - but I wondered if there was a better way rather than having to add a material function to every actors material across the board which I guess might be expensive (unless I am understanding that wrong)

Could also be a particle effect or something else that I can use to transition.

What are the best ways of doing this - ideally I want it to look like everything is dissolving or dissppearing together - maybe like a line passing through everything that dissolves as it goes rather than each individual actor dissolving on its own or everythign turning into particles?

Any suggestions?


You could do this

and while its in post-process unload the level. Otherwise, you have to edit the materials for everything…

Oh wow - just what I was looking for - thankyou!