Dissapearingg trees

When i paint in my trees , after a while they start disappearing. How can i fix this?

It sounds like cull distance, when you get closer, do they appear again?

Yes, they do appear when I move closer.
I have adjusted my cull distance but still doesn’t seem to fix it. I find out when I spawn the trees on the landscape material, I do not have this problem but when I paint in the foliage mode, it seems to occur. I am not sure why as I am using the exact values.

If you’re painting the trees from way up in the air, you will get this effect, unless you turn off culling totally ( set both values to zero ). It could also be to do with the last LOD of your tree mesh. Maybe it’s a billboard, which you won’t be able to see from air.

I currently only have one LOD which isn’t a Billboard and I tried turning culling off and I still get the same disappearing effect.