Displaying two camera views split screen on a monitor.

Is it possible yet to control the output that’s normally mirrored to the monitor?

Id like a split between the normal player view and another in world camera but im not sure how to go about it. :confused:

Is this just not possible with ue4 then?

Devs working with unity have had this stuff for sometime now.

What they are doing is tying a real world camera and then parenting an xtra vive controller to a virtual camera so the cameras viewpoints match each other. Then they record a render of only the background objects (behind the vive) and foreground objects (in front of the vive). I dont see why it wouldnt be possible but it seems likes its a C++ integration but Im not sure.

Also a user already started a Mixed Reality thread on the VR forum, we should probably keep posting on one thread so hopefully enough people see it and we get some insight from Epic themselves.