Displaying physical vive boundary in editor window

Hi - I have several years experience in Unreal and also with the Rift but I have just setup a Vive and have three questions.

  1. I have searched to see if a setting or plugin exists to display the Vive physical border within Unreal (so that the 3d elements can be designed to fit within this space)…the only details I could find were on this link: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/SteamVR/QuickStart/2/
    Is this the only option or is there any newer alternative ?

  2. Has anyone created a game where the Vive virtual play area dynamically adjusts to match the various physical spaces of each user ?

  3. Can the headset be used to control a virtual head and interact with virtual objects (for example could a user volley a virtual football in a game) ?

If anyone has any feedback it would be great.