Displaying Large Numbers...

Hey all,

I’m trying to display large floats, and would like to be able to us SI , displaying 1,000 as 1k, 1,000,000 as 1m ect.
Ideally I’d like to use scientific notation, but would settle for anything that makes it easier to display!

I’m working in blueprint, is there a way to handle this?

Many thanks

youre on your own for scintific notation… however for displaying the numbers like that, you can do it like this
get number > / 1000 > print string > drag the pink pin out to the Left and type"APPEND"youll take the result of that division, and plug it in the first string of the append, and type K in the second pin. you can drag out the original number and type % and type 1000 in the second line, that will give you the remainder, which you can append to the end of the first append. hope taht helps!