Displaying Ammo HUD in VR Help


I am making a turret game in VR. The turret has ammo, when it runs out, you need to reload. I’m hung up on how to display the widget for ammo i made to the HMD. I would like to have the ammo count always on screen and always visible no matter where i look with the HMD on. I followed a tutorial for a first person shooter to get to this point and my suspicion is that the way to display a HUD in an FPS is very different than for VR.

My widget is super simple to start out with (equipped ammo / total ammo):

To display it, in the level blueprint I am using the following logic:

My turret is the player pawn, i wish i could just drag the widget into the pawn and parent it to the HMD so it moves around with the HMD like my turret mesh does. Can someone point me in the right direction plz? Is using a widget the right way for seeing an ammo HUD in VR? I’m reading alot about 3d widgets, but i literally just need this to be a bar or number, its not something i’m going to walk around. Thanks in advance for any help.

UMG you can’t see in VR is because for VR they are disabled. It’s because if they were allowed you would see 2 HUDs then because you have 2 screens. You can see what i mean by printing a string to screen. So instead you will have to work your way around with 3D widgets. There are a few tutorials available for that. Hope it helps.

Thanks for the help!