Display potential path to the point

Hey guys!
I want to create an effect, like in any turn based RPG or Strategy, when you are making turn, and selecting the point where to go and see bended line, or points on the screen that visualize how the player would move to that point.
I already have a path to the point, it is an array of vectors from NavMesh. I can use smth like DrawDebugLine - but this is not customizable and visible in Game.

I guess I can use some particle effects, mb Beam, but not sure can the beam be rebuild in the runtime, to properly show the path.

Any ideas how I can do something like in UE4?

Thank you!

I am aware of two methods.

If your game is fully 3d and the camera will often end up very close to the path, especially if the angle is sharp - as in facing the direction of the path, I’d suggest using a beam - I originally used spline meshes for that (3 intersecting planes with two-sided material) but they did not look too good when up close and personal. Beams worked better here for me:

They are somewhat more difficult to set up but you generally do not need to worry about rotating them too much. Also, unlike splines, you can branch them.

If you are planning on having a top down view, or you know the camera will never get a sharp angle or get very close, you may just stick to the splines (below). I found them easier to work with, less fussy (the particle emitters occasionally refuse to update/render - I’ve yet to notice that in 4.15, though)

Captured with FXAA.

If you’re looking for something similar to Xcom’s system, definitely stick with splines:


Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was looking for, Spline mesh! will be looking now into that field in deep