Display point source light - spotlight

Hi all !

I ve an issue with the spotlights. i m trying to enable the “source point” of my light.

I ve only the radius cone on the floor, but I need to see the source light, like that :

How to display the light source ?

I ve tried to modify source radius, source length, without results :confused:


Hi decod-fp,

There isn’t a setting on the spotlight that will enable volumetric lighting. You have to fake the effect with a static mesh and a material that simulates light. The good news is there are assets in the engine content that will do a great job achieving what you are asking for. (See Screenshot)

  1. In your content browser click View Options and click “Show Engine Content”.
  2. Then select the engine content folder and type Volumetric in the search filter.
  3. Select the “S_EV_SimpleLightBeam_01” asset and drag into scene.
  4. Use this with your spotlight to get the effect you want.

To get the light ball effect in the screenshot I applied the “M_EV_Lightbeam_Master_01_Inst” material to a basic sphere mesh.