Display image on screen when an item is collected

When a player picks up a page, the page is then displayed on screen for them to read. I was able to make it so the player picks up a page and it then disappears but I cant figure out how to display it on screen.

You can probably tell my knowledge of blueprint is very basic, so if anyone could point me in the right direction of what I should be doing it would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Well I assume you either have a picture of the text or just plain text.

Create a widget either accepting a text or an image as input (by creating a variable which you have to make editable and also check the box “Expose on Spawn”. This will provide an additional pin when creating this widget.)

You can then on pickup of your actor display this widget with the new information you received from that actor (it’s text or image). I do hope you can keep an reference to that page already. Otherwise just tell me so and I’ll cover that as well :wink:

Anyway that’s already about it. Did you see the videos about the inventory system from epic? That pretty much covers everything you need.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks it worked, and Ive just watched the videos from epic and they helped give me a better understanding of how it works :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:

, can you please give the link for the videos from Epic?

This is the series in question:

Though if I saw correctly they released a new umg series very recently.

Hi Erasio I’ve found myself in the exact same place with far less experience than this person…I simply want to add a png to the screens HUD when the character is destroyed. Can you help me please? those tutorials werent helpful at all to me

Ok so what you gonna wanna do is create a new widget blueprint.

Inside of it you drag and drop an “image” to the scene and select the image it should display in the details panel.

When your character is destroyed you search for the node “create widget” and select the widget you created, take the blue pin behind that node, pull it out and search for “add to viewport”. That should already do the trick.