Display artifacts, gtx 970 and 4.10.2

Hi, I just upgraded my video card to an msi gtx 970. Now, in unreal i am seeing weird artifacting.

When I move the mouse, shadows, AO and edge stutter as i pass them. See this video:

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Is this a setting that I need to change somewhere? Any Ambient occlusion turns into a jittery mess, and camera motion is not at all smooth. Any help would be great.

Hi antithing,

Can you provide me with your dxdiag info?

I can’t tell what’s happening from your video as it’s rather low quality and doesn’t appear to be a very high framerate. Can you try to record a 60fps video and upload to youtube (make it viewable with a link only). Youtube supports 60fps video.


Hi , Please see this clip for an example:

Watch the AO behind the bookshelf as I move the camera. This happens to all ambient occlusion. Any help you could give me on sorting this out would be great. Thanks again!
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Hi , please see this video also:

I am actually seeing this frame stutter not just in AO, but in everything.
It is as if there is a frame lag of some kind, but i cannot figure it out. I have tried adjusting every nvidia setting, locking the fps, turning frame smoothing off, or on, and every project setting that I can find.
Surely i should be able to get a smooth motion here? Any tips or ideas greatly appreciated!

Hey antithing,

There are a few ways to reduce camera frame jitter/stutter. The first one would be to try enabling vertical sync. You can also try a few different options like ‘Smooth Framerate’ in the ‘Rendering’ section of the ‘Project Settings’.

A lot of video editing is done in programs like Adobe Premier to help improve the quality and reduce hitches and jitter post the original recording. These are industry standard techniques when making high quality videos.

Thank you,

Hi Andrew, i have tried all of that. This is for a live, tracked camera, not a recorded matinee sequence. I have tried vSync on and off in nvidia settings, i have tried fixed frame rate, not fixed frame rate, post processing on, and off. Frame smoothing on or off. I just cannot get rid of it. Do you have any other thoughts on what i could do here?


So, it was pointed out to me in your ‘dxdiag’ that you are running a 4k monitor. Is the the monitor you are experiencing issues with? If so, the editor currently doesn’t fully support these native resolutions as it would a regular monitor. Although you might be able to work inside the editor, when it comes to fast camera animation and fast moving objects, 4k resolutions aren’t handled super well as of late.

Thanks for the quick reply! It is actually an hdmi to SDi converter, only sending HD 1080 x 1920. I see the issue on all screens, although if i use a display port, it is much worse than hdmi for some strange reason.

I should mention, the fps stays 200+, when i don’t smooth it or use fixed frame rate.

Would you mind, if possible, testing without the converter to see if the issue still occurs?

Hey Andrew, I have tested with different monitors, with and without the conversion. I see the same results. Thanks!

Hello antithing -

Are you using MSI Gaming App with your PC and when you update your Nvidia Driver are you using an MSI application or Nvidia Geforce Experience/Control Panel?

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric, I use the driver downloaded from nvidia. Currently 361.91-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql.exe. Thanks!

Hi antithing -

I’ve been doing some research about your issue and it looks like the 970 Card has some issues with the stuttering that you are reporting. That being said, I think I might have a possible solution which will follow, but feel free to also run a search for “gtx970 stutter fix”.

As always with running items like this I also recommend running a system restore backup via Windows before going any further.

First go to the Nvidia Website and make sure you have a full installation of the latest Driver/Geforce Experience, here

Now, we want to run a complete clean sweep of the display drivers. I would recommend running an application like Display Driver Uninstaller, found here, which will remove the drivers and clean the registry as well.

Once the clean sweep is finished which might require a restart of your CPU, run the Geforce Experience Installation and install the latest drivers (should be 362.00).

Hopefully this process will clear up your stuttering, if not please report back here.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum