Displacement with a Layer Blend shader?

I’m currently building a landscape and am using LayerBlend nodes to mask my tiling diffuse textures and normal maps with my splat map. They’re working fine, but when I tried the same using height maps plugged into a LayerBlend and then into World Displacement I couldn’t get any displacement to show up. I tried plugging various numbers into the tessellation multiplier, and I have my Landscape node set to use Flat Tessellation. My height maps are really punchy, using the full range from white to black.

I guess I’m missing something obvious…?


It should works but you have to change the layer blend mode in order to make it works that should correct the issue, but after that if you use displacement it will appear cracks I think there is a way to solve it but I don’t know how to do it

Can you explain how I would set this up please? I’ve seen a few example materials which as insanely complex, which to be frank are way, way beyond my understanding of Unreal at this point. Can it really require literally dozens of nodes just to add displacement to a landscape?

My attempts so far have resulted only in the landscape turning into a load of giant spikes…