Displacement using Zbrush maps

Hi all,

I’m experimenting a bit with some Zbrush models and I’m testing the World displacement feature.

I notice that UE4 do not use “shade of gray” to push the geometry, but maps which are black and white.

I was wondering if its possible to:

  • Extract the displacement map from Zbrush directly in black and white ( and I have no idea how to do that )

  • Modify the displacement map inside Photoshop/crazybump in order to have a black and white texture ( kinda works but not really well done )

  • Convert the “shade of gray” displacement map from Zbrush directly inside UE4 material editor using some conversion nodes

So, which is the best way to convert the Displacement map in order to be perfectly functional inside UE4?

Also I notice that when using displacement maps, if the effect is quite subtle, the shadows are not showing at all on the model…is there a way to optimize the shadows in order to be shown on the model when displacement is used?

Thanks :slight_smile: