Displacement/Paralax + Vertex Color Blend by Height map

Hello everyone !
I am looking for a shader I could download, that lets me plug my maps (I usually work with Albedo Normal Height Roughness AO + sometimes metal or opacity etc.) and then blend different materials according to their Heightmaps, so that it blends well together.
I have seen plenty of tutorial yes, but I could not find one for materials using displacement.
I would be very grateful if someone could take some time and show me or simply upload it for me, I am in a rush and my tech-art skills are not my priority on this.

Thanks a lot !

PS" let me know if you need more informations


Does this fit your needs?

So this one says Landscape but is not ONLY for landscapes/terrains? or is it?
And yeah, might do the trick, would be really cool if they had a download link somewhere tho

Unfortunately I don’t think they made it available for download. I think the technique would work for non-landscape materials as well, except you would use different layer blending logic. I haven’t tried it though.