Displacement mesh offset


Im quite new to ue4 and currently im having problems with displacement.

When i apply displacement to my object my entire mesh just moves. Here a gif so u can understand: Screen capture - fd7bddda8298c898f1e507de9946e863 - Gyazo

Is there a way to adjust the displacement offset so my mesh keeps his orginal position?

What does the material look like?

Take a sceenshot of the material and attach it to the post.

If the entire mesh moves than I am guessing you either plugged the math into the WPO node vs WorldDisplacement, or you have something like a flat-white texture as the map? A pic is 1000 words, get one :smiley:

Does this help?

I have plugged it in WorldDisplacement and my displacement texture should not be the problem. The displacement works fine as you can see here Screen capture - bd4c18e2611cbc6e9ad480dd29d79092 - Gyazo but the problem is that the whole mesh is moving. Here again a screenshot of my material: Screenshot - 1f757df4fc65a91d66152956cb252372 - Gyazo

I see your tessellation multiplier at 0, it needs to be a positive integer. Also your heightmap seems to be almost a solid color, so you wouldn’t expect to see much relative displacement. Try it with the cobblestone textures I had in my screenshot to see if it works at all in a material, or it’s something else in your settings.

In regards to not moving the mesh, you are using a map to adjust the physical positions of the mesh-vertices; it’s expected to move somewhat. Larger values will move it more.