Displacement Maps causing Seams

I have been having a strange issue with trying to use displacement maps on an asset with multiple textures.
There are no seams in the model or texture until we apply the maps.

Here is an example of the model with displacements applied ( without the “Crack Free Displacement” ):

With Crack free displacement check it reduces one seam and actually increases the seam split between two other textures. Example:

Does anyone have advice on what could be causing this and potential fixes either in engine or on the art side of things?

Hello -

Try going into the Static Mesh Editor of your Whale and under Build Settings Enable Use Full Precision UVs and Apply those settings. Does this help with the seams?

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

I am experiencing the same problem. The Full Precision UVs setting doesn’t help. Is there any way of fixing this?

Are you using Crack-Free Displacement, where are your UV seams?

Eric Ketchum