Displacement for object with multiple materials?

Hey there! I didn’t find this in my search: I’m trying to create a visualization of something at a cellular scale. Part of the illusion of this scale is the floating slow displacement mapping of the models. In my usually 3d packages I’d apply a displacement map to the model, but as it’s handled through surfacing materials in UE I’m running into some issues with it. I have multiple models, some with multiple materials, that need to look like they’re moving on the same “wave” - is there a best practices for this? I guess for the multi-material objects I could just make them one material and use different UV nodes to separate the pieces out, but what about coordinating between different objects of different scales? Thanks!

Best way to achieve this is by creating a Material Function in which you’d handle all your displacement stuff. You can then add this function to all your materials and have a choice to leave it at that or add per-material parameters for finetuning.