Displacement and PBR maps setup

Hey Guys,
Can someone tell me what the correct material setup is when using Displacement / height maps and PBR Textures? Which nodes are necessary?
I found an older tutorial for UDK but i just can’t rebuild the nodes, cause they seems to be a bit different of the UE4 nodes…


I think you need to more specific, cause THERES a lot of things to explain here

If you look at the map Material_Nodes in the Content Examples, you’ll find an example of using a displacement map for tessellation at section 1.11. You can also use a height map to mix between two materials–there’s an example for that on the map Math_Hall at section 1.9, on BP_DemoDisplay_21. You can also see an example of using a heightmap as an input to the BumpOffset node in the standard material M_CobbleStone_Pebble.

@JedTheKrampus Thax i will check that…

@son1cman basically i like to create a material based from a PBR texture with a normal and height map… for example bricks, i just don’t know how to setup the height map correctly cause when i connect the height map with the world displacement slot and chnage the teslation, the result looks really weird… the is not really a bump effect to see… and for the pbr diffuse texture i rellay don’t know if i have to setup also something to make it work…

Tessellation detail also depends on the poly count of the mesh. The higher triangles, the more tessellation. So you’ll see different results in the material editor when you preview with a cube and a sphere.
Check out Jed’s suggestions for only visual bump effect without the need for geometry detail.

i will do that thanx!
Here is a good a example of what i mean, when uisng textures like the megascans from quixel, what is the important part to make them look like the look on the site? the 3d effect comes from the height map right? and this is what i basically try to do with my brick texture…

Yes, you’ll need to use the heightmap for tessellation for that kind of effect(referring to that rocky and capitone spheres.)

Thats also means that a simple plain is not enoug right? as you wrote i have to import a objects with a bit more triangles to make it work?

Yeah. A plane with 2 triangles wont give you enough detail for a brick wall, for instance, so you’ll have to figure out how many poly’s is enough by importing a couple of meshes with different poly counts.

Many Thanx Jacky!
Do you know also if i have to chnage something in the material when uisng PBR Textures? Instead of a simple diffuse i have now a alb texture…

“alb” stands for albedo i suppose, so no, you dont need to change anything. Diffuse and albedo are the same thing. You can check the sample materials that come with the engine to see how roughness and metallic maps are used. Don’t let the names confuse you, PBR is pretty easy really.

Thanx again!