Dismemberment Using Blueprints and Destructibles

Okay, so the last question I asked got answered pretty thoroughly so I was wondering if this one could get an answer as well.

I’m currently building a character action game and I’m currently trying to decide if it, or a later entry in this series should have dismemberment when cut with a sword or a blade of some kind.

Bearing in mind, some characters may have radically different body types from each other and there may be a large number of enemy varieties, I was wondering if there was some way to streamline the creation of meshes that could be dismembered.

Now, I have seen several threads and answer sheets on disconnecting bones from one another which is part of the process but that only seems to work if the mesh is already disconnected at the joint in question.

However, Unreal Engine 4 also possesses the ability to make quick and customizable destructibles. So, I was wondering if there was some way these could be combined. For example, in a hypothetical game, a blade hits the correct hitbox and some code or blueprint script disconnects the bone and converts the model into a destructible to disconnect the part of the mesh that was supposed to be severed. How would one go about this inside the actual engine? Is it even possible? And, if so, how much time, effort, and tinkering would it require? Could the result be converted into a blueprint that could be applied to every asset you use?

These are questions that I would like answered if at all possible. Thanks in advance.