Dismemberment (Dead Space style)

This is an early-stage dismemberment system that I’m developing for a cool game. It’s just the head for now. In a few days it will be completed with cutable limbs and stuff. If you guys like it I will make a tutorial after that.

P/S: Blueprints only.


wow this looks cool !!!

Sad for me I wont be using this as I don’t want mine to be too gory.

But certainly this is awesome !

Yes tutorial please! thanks!

I would be interested in a tutorial for this :slight_smile:

This looks awesome!

please do a tutorial!

Cool stuff there! Share more videos with us as soon as you have any :slight_smile:

please make a tutorial adding fps hands and ai

This is really nice! This is something I would totally like to know how you achieved. I currently only need headshot gibs in my project so this is excellent timing. Another vote for a tutorial right here!

Thanks so much guys! I appreciate your love. I’ll definitely make a tutorial for this. There’s almost zero document about dismemberment in UE4 so I figure this might help a ton.

Haha! brilliant! Can’t wait for the tut :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Turok
P.S. would love a tutorial :slight_smile:

Ahah hilarious, how does it work? Members are setup on sockets and when the npc dies you “pop” the member from the socket and make it simulate physics?

yep, we want the tutorial.

I had the honor of having written the one working tutorial for dismemberment for UDK/UE3. the honor will be yours now :slight_smile:

That would be the case in UE3, not UE4 though. I achieved this by hiding bones and spawning body parts. The only downside is the cuts will look a bit unnatural.

Much blood inside a dino, looking great. :slight_smile:

Update #1: Cutable limbs and blood splatter. Gotta talk to the animation guy about moving without legs!


Ouch. Are you sure its not achievable this way? We can’t disconnect limbs from sockets? Afterall, you can attach/detach any component to a socket…

What about animation?

. Did you ask Epic - AnswerHub ?