Discovering Asset Data Error Loop (Yep, still ...)

I don’t know where to begin but I’ll try my best here:

First I tried downloading some new content from the marketplace. basically some new materials pack.

That’s it.

I added it to my project and left it alone for the next day.

The next day comes.

I got on my computer to open my project.

I noticed it was taking longer to load than usual but this is usually because of the shaders having to do their compiling, so I was patient. I have another computer in my living that I bring my projects to which has the same version of UE4, but the shaders compile a lot faster, so this should be no problem.

However once I start up my project, a small window opens up saying that " a directory or file path is corrupted and unredable. please uses the chkdsk utility", which I did.

I was scared at first but it did it’s thing and said it resolved all the issues it came across so, I restart the project, and there’s no error message! So far so good right?

However, now my project seemed to not have the maps that I worked on. In fact there were several.maps, and when on the maps folder they were gone. I’m not joking, it just says " drag and drop files in this folder.

That’s when it would keep showing this discovering assets data loading all my stuff but it never seems to finish and I had no idea why.
the message window would show up again,.

Now it says a different file path or directory is corrupted.

Now it’s somewhere else.

Now a different one.

Now there’s this feature the CPU Profiler I use it religiously and this time it was a godsend because it revealed what was going on, and some of you might be going through the exact same thing and not know it.

When the project begins the Discovering asset data process, the memory being used up is INSANE! At first, the memory use would be somewhere around 400 to 9-00MB. Which startled me because my project usually runs up about 1.4 the lowest (Everything is still not finalized,).

Further along the process, I see the memory jump from 1.4 MB all the way up to 12,000MB to nearly 20,000MB.

… Uh, what?

SO that is where I am right now. Not ever halfway through the engine crashes and there’s no error message to clarify how or why.

However I thought this must have to do with the materials being loaded right?

Because like I said before the shaders compiling is really what eats up my time on the engine, everything else is just fine. I also don’t use high quality graphic settings to not kill the GPU performance.

I’m really stumped here. I heard you have to delete some folders, but I am not sure if it applies to my situation, and I forgot what folders they are.

Please, any help, ANY at all would be greatly appreciated. I can take snapshot if required.