[Discount] Building Tools - for quick construction of buildings and furniture

New Version:

  • Adding free content example (see new trailer).
  • Fix same bugs.

Building Tools - plugin for quick construction of buildings and furniture.
I will wiread all your review. It is very important to me. Please write your opinion. Tell me what you want to add. This will help make the plugin better !
I am always ready for communication and proposals. :slight_smile:
**[SIZE=28px]Buy plugin on ** Gumroad (UE 16 - 19)[/SIZE]

Thank you so much ! Have a good day! :smiley:

P.S. I been worked many of time with plugin for modular buildings. But when I start finale test, I find one more problem. UE4 is very bad working with modular buildings.
My post about it: post.

I not sure what the price of the plugin is correct. So If price too big, please offer your price.

What version of UE4 is this compatible with?

Hello! Plugin work with 16 and 17 versions.

New Version 1.2:

  • Adding free content example (see new trailer).
  • Fix same bugs.

Price reduced ! Now only 11.99

Hey @zzzlor - I just posted this on the UE4 facebook group. Hopefully it gets you some sales :slight_smile:

Hello @HeadClot ! Thank you so much! It really impotent for me, thank you again ! :smiley:

Also I have free plugin for Modular Building! Link :slight_smile:

Hey @zzzlor,

Just picked up the tool and I like it so far. Going to be writing a review of this tool as soon as I got the hang of it.

Also just a heads up - You will want to fix the materials for the free example Content. Migrate the folder with the sample content to a blank .uproject.
I am making the assumption that the materials for the meshes are not messed up on your end. They just need to be migrated to a .uproject and not be in a zipped up content folder with out the .uproject.

Here is an example of what is going on with all the example meshes.

This thread belongs to the “Released Projects” section, if I’m not mistaken

Hi, @**HeadClot ! **Thank you ! I fixed the free content example. Just move files from folder “Content” to “Content” of ypur project. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you vary much !! I want to back you up ,buy I can’t give you the money because I‘m chanses…you know that…So If you have the Alipay…:smiley:

Hello! Supports Unreal Engine 4.18?

Any chance this will be updated for 4.18? And any chance it will appear on the Unreal Marketplace?

Add version for UE 18!

Thanks, this plugin really saves me time to work!

If possible, please provide documentation. Thanks:-)

Hello, I just bought the plugin, but I don´t understand how to install it. Please help.

Extreme handy plugin! Much faster to place meshes with this. As rare bug got crash with these messages:

UE4Editor_BuildingTools!FBuildingToolsEdMode::GetHitType() [g:\programs\unrialproject estit3\plugins\buildingtools\source\buildingtools\private\buildingtoolsedmode.cpp:534]
UE4Editor_BuildingTools!FBuildingToolsEdMode::UpdateVisualComponentTransformWallMode() [g:\programs\unrialproject estit3\plugins\buildingtools\source\buildingtools\private\buildingtoolsedmode.cpp:236]
UE4Editor_BuildingTools!FBuildingToolsEdMode::TraceForUpdateVisualComponentTransform() [g:\programs\unrialproject estit3\plugins\buildingtools\source\buildingtools\private\buildingtoolsedmode.cpp:200]
UE4Editor_BuildingTools!FBuildingToolsEdMode::Tick() [g:\programs\unrialproject estit3\plugins\buildingtools\source\buildingtools\private\buildingtoolsedmode.cpp:126]

That error path is strange. Not having g:\programs\unrialproject estit3.