Disappearing foliage in distance

how i can fix it ?

command does not help me !

[BaseScalability] does not help me tooooo!

i dont need good fps

i only need high quality grass and trees

no answer ?

If you spawn grass with the foliage tool, it has a configurated cull distance. This distance decided from which point the grass should be rendered or not.

You can adjust this, the higher the Cull Distance, the further away its rendered. But do know, the more you render, the heavier it gets. Most devs use the trick to have the grass foliage the same color as the grass texture on the landscape.
Combined with larger foliage (rocks, bushes, trees), you dont need a high Cull Distance as the player wont really notice it.


cull distance set to zero

Lit Mode {bad foilage}

lighting only mode{good foilage}

no answer???

To change the base Grass to a darken colour using Multiply on like 0.1 is seems to be working. Looks great, however the main problem still not solved in terms of Cull Distance. It set to 1000000 and still looked like a teared chicken. Glad this Multiply gave some solution. Thanks

Seems like there is no solution for this. Man that’s a problem as it looks awful in my project too. Can’t set Lod, Culling not working and it doesn’t seem anyone want to solve this issues. I searched on it a lot… nothing. UE 4.25

Did you find any solution for this?