Disabling texture compression for Pixel Art game

Hello again unreal world, would you know if it is possible to disable to entirely disable texture compression?
I am into a pixel art project and compression is messing some of my pixels ( even with TC Default ).
I have read somewhere that Unreal doesn’t support disabling texture compression, somehow that sounds silly so I am posting an answer here.


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Okay I found an answer for now: I set the compression setting to TC_UserInterface2D things are a lot better. Still not sure whether I am losing details or not.

Hey ,

In order to have your sprites and texture images for 2d projects to render crisply try using the settings I have pointed out in the image below with any of your texture images.

2D Texture Settings

If you try these settings and your textures do not look as you would like let me know.


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There is also a right-click context option for textures to “Configure for Retro Sprites” that should set most of this up for you automatically.

Michael Noland

For anyone looking for this option more recently, in UE 5 it looks like

R-Click on Texture > Sprite Actions > Apply Paper2D Texture Settings

Does the trick.


Thank you! This has helped us tremendously. :blush: