Disabling Cloth Physics and Water Reflections

Is there a way to disable cloth physics/simulation in Chivalry 2? I have scoured the internet for UE4 Console Commands like ‘p.clothphysics,’ which I had no luck with. I’ve managed to eliminate most of the stuttering I was experiencing (i.e., enabling DX12), but I think the last bit would be the physics. For those of you who have played Mordhau, you might be familiar with the cloth physics causing stuttering. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. As an extra, if you know how to disable water reflections. Let me know.

Something to note - If I use TAA, water surfaces will display SSR, but with AA off, the reflections go away.

+1 Been looking for ways to disable the ssr on water with no luck. They are poorly implemented and distracting. Tried adding some commands in the engine.ini like r.SSR=0 and r.SSR.Quality=0 but they don’t work. Anyone knows any other commands to disable them?

Edit: Disabling Taa doesn’t disable ssr. It just makes it worse: Chiv 2 ssr - YouTube