Disable Sun Disk from reflection capture.

I have problem where smooth mirror like material look incorrect because they have dublicated sun reflection. First one is from directional light and this show in correct location and second one is from reflection probe and this show in wrong spot which is caused by parallax corrected cubemap projection.
Easy fix would be disabling sun disk from atmospheric fog when reflection probes are rendered but I don’t see any options for this. Is this possible?

Couldn’t you rotate your light or your sun disk position so that they align? I don’t know if it’s possible to disable its capture.

Those are from exact same directional light. Problem is that reflection captures are parallax corrected so they align better with local reflectors. So because sun is assumed to be infinite far that parallax correction is wrong thing to do. This also distort sky but it’s not that big deal.
Problem disappear when sphere reflector is really big or object is exactly same position than reflection capture.

Update: Problem with wrongly placed sun disk disappear if I swap static sky light to stationary but it still incorrectly place sky disk to underneath of stationary directional light analytical specular spot and this is causing double bright specular spot.

Still can’t figure out how to fix this. Probably need to report a bug then.