Disable Stereo on GoogleVR


Is there a way to toggle Stereo On and Off when using GoogleVR, but keep the device position tracking?

Instanced Stereo setting is set to Off.

I would like to be very interested in being able to toggle stereo rendering on and off as well.

Hi Elggetto
I have been trying to do the same thing. You can use the “Execute console command” in blueprints and type “stereo off” or “stereo on” and then bind that to your event trigger. I have had problems with this though. sometimes it disables tracking other times it squashes the viewport into half the screen(effectively the position of the right eye". I would be interested to know whether this works for you.

If I remember well, I tried this, but it just did nothing or did something strange. I don’t remember. I’m gonna try to test it soon.