Disable preview water mark on movie render without lighting build

Hello…How to disable the preview water mark on the sequencer movie render ? I removed it from the viewport but cant find how to remove it from the rendered video sequence. And i dont want to build lighting. Thanks

Then set all lights to be movable, Then there is nothing to bake.


lame answer is lame. baked lighting is superior™

at the top left of the viewport, go to: view -> advanced -> preview lighting indicators. they might be under ‘visualise’ tho, i cant remember. either way, do that :slight_smile:
wait, never mind. didnt read the whole thing.
why not bake lighting? if you’re going through the trouble to render a video sequence, lighting should be par for the course.

its possible! thinking laterally, check this post. t’was answered within minutes… Edit 'Preview' watermark - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums