disable positional tracking

I wonder how can I disable the positional tracking of oculus rift cv1.
The reason why I want to disable it is that I put a seat in my game,and I want the player just stay in the seat instead of moving according to the player’s postion in real life.

On your camera there is an option to “Lock to HMD”, tick that and see if it helps.

Disabling head tracking will likely be very uncomfortable experience for your players.

If you want them to stay seated, then I would tell them to stay seated. Disabling positional tracking, like Trent-Mill said, would likely be very uncomfortable for people. People’s heads still move small amounts even if they’re sitting. It seems a little counter-productive to buy a Rift CV1 and use it as if it’s a DK1.

its funny, i would like to know how to activate it!
got a spring arm and the camera is attached to it. i only have headtracking


Hmm it’s an interesting design problem, with cockpit games where you are supposed to be seated you can just fade to black if the user tries to put his head outside, maybe you could do something similar and slowly fade to black (or red) if the user moves past a certain distance from the chair “center”… This wouldn’t be as intuitive/natural as with cockpit games but still better than locking the HMD positional tracking, wonder how Sony does it in their London Heist demo.