Disable Particle Systems Vector Field?

I’m working on a project that heavily relies on vector fields in cascade, currently a turbulence based field is attached to a pickup particle system, but when the player picks up the object I want the object to disappear and the particles to stay, I have that set up, I’ve just deactivated the particle system and deleted the other components upon overlap with a collision sphere, as well as set a boolean to true with a branch only executing the code on false, so the player can’t pick it up again, and the object is deleted after 10 seconds to give the particles time to end their life before disappearing forever. My question is, if I wanted to disable the vector fields in the particle system whenever the player interacts with it, so the particles continue with their velocity but in whatever direction the vector field was sending them, rather than continuing the field’s data, would there be any easy way to do this in blueprints?