Disable Mirror View for VR

I’m using the simpleHMD plugin and build for Android Mobile. It work great and I can look around with my android mobile.

But I want to remove the mirror view/rendering (picture below) as I do not want to wear any VR head mounted (google cardboard/samsung gear vr/etc.)

I want to make it as a single view.
I already tried console command but nothing work.

OP, you should change the title from Mirror View to Stereo View.

I’m also stuck with this… Epic?

There is a console command for toggling Stereo Rendering on and off. I tested it on an android project and it does not do anything on a SimpleHMD project. It crashes on GoogleVR plugin projects according to this:

If you don’t want stereo rendering at all, look up how to use the gyro to move the camera around and skip the VR plugins altogether.